Keep Your Employees Happy by Opting for our Payroll Services

Payroll is an integral process for any organisation. Unnecessary delays to pay your employees might raise questions about your company’s financial stability. By outsourcing payroll management, you not just save your time but also help you get an error-free payroll process.

Simran Group of Companies is a reputed Payroll Services Provider proficient in managing employees’ salaries as well as compensation packages. Our skilled team will also ensure timely compliance with various legislations according to the respective laws and acts to safeguard the company’s reputation. We also foster companies in managing the administrative process and financial records of employees. This takes account of employee's salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay, and incentives.

What do we offer?
  • Salary processing
  • Reimbursement processing
  • PF/ESIC Job work
  • Employee Reports, Reimbursement Report Pay Slip, TDS Reports, Leave Reports, Pay Reports, ESI Reports, PF Reports
  • Deduction reports like PF, TDS, Challan's PF Form 5/10/3A/6A/12 ESIC Form 6/7, Loan Statement, Tax payable report – Challan 281, Profession tax deduction reports
  • Quarterly processing- Generation of eTDS Form 24Q and annual returns, Updating TDS Challan payment details,
  • Full and final processing
Why choose us?
  • We are up-to-date and compliant with the modern laws and regulations
  • We are applauded for offering flawless, timely, and extensive support for your employee’s payroll
  • We provide clients with combined, error-free documents and reports with sharper business insights
  • We have cutting-edge fully-integrated HR systems and ERPs, time tracking, and other business software

If you are planning to hire the best Payroll Services Provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India for comprehensive payroll outsourcing services, then contact us now.

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