Know Your Candidates Background Better with our HR Verification Services

These days, candidates lie about their employment history in order to get better jobs with higher salaries and better job titles. Such candidates want to make fortune in the shortest time and flourish faster compared to their peers. They confidently trick the system and get away with it and these trend has been identified in various industries.

Simran Group of Companies is a leading HR Verification Services Provider based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, since 1996. They have provided their excellent service to several top corporates to decrease the risk of hiring employees with a doubtful background. The employee background reports provided by our team of experts are leveraged by employers as a tool of authenticating and accurately evaluating an individual’s identity, lawsuit status, academic qualification, career history, and more.

What do we offer?
  • Personal identification check
  • Education & qualification check
  • Previous Employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Neighbour check
  • Database check
  • Professional reference check
  • Integrity check
  • Social media profiling
  • License check
  • Pre-employment medical check
  • Criminal verification
  • Employment reference check (work history, salary, etc.)
  • Skill test report
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
Why choose us?
  • We carry out dedicated national operations and delivery hub at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • We follow stringent quality processes and controls while performing checks across nation-wide jurisdictions.
  • We verify the authorization and registration status of the educational institutes to identify suspicious and fake institutes.
  • Our team of expert interviewers has vast experience in deriving correct details the very first time and probe more information when needed.
  • Our customer-centric approach makes us more time flexible and available as and when a referee calls back with a reference.

If you are planning to hire the best HR Verification Service Provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for mitigating hiring risks, then contact us now.

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